Welcome to my projects page! Here you'll find a selection of the larger and more complex projects that I've been working on, showcasing my passion for crafting and DIY. From designing and building my own campervan bed to creating a pirate ship bed for my children, each project has challenged me to think creatively and pushed my skills to the limit. I take great pride in every detail of my work and hope that you'll enjoy exploring these projects as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to life.

Campervan bed

Campervan Bed

This project was inspired by my son Jamie, who had been asking for a bunk bed for his room. As a lover of all things outdoors, he suggested we build a camper van bed instead!

Pirate Ship Bed

Constructed from 18mm MDF and planed pine, the Pirate ship bed features a mast, a wheel, an anchor, a bell, and front and back sitting platforms, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience for your child's bedroom.

Fort Udny

Fort Udny, our play fort in the garden, was constructed using recycled timber, providing a fun and eco-friendly space for outdoor adventures and imaginative play.

Campervan bed


The boys jeep was made a few years ago and has a hard life


This desk was crafted from repurposed oak kitchen worktop and two roller tool chests, resulting in a stylish and functional workspace. 


Introducing the Megaden, a unique summer house/home office made entirely from recycled timber, perfect for relaxing or working from home while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.