Pirate Bed

Not to be outdone, my younger son Thomas requested a special bed of his own, and he had his heart set on a Pirate bed. As a lover of adventure and all things swashbuckling, Thomas wanted a bed that would transport him to a world of high seas and treasure hunts.


This bed is made from 18mm MDF and some lengths of planed pine, which has been sealed and painted to create a durable and stylish finish. To ensure safety during choppy seas, the bed has been designed with lower sides to prevent rolling out in the middle of the night. It features a mast, a wheel, an anchor, a bell, and front and back sitting platforms, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience.


Whether your child is sleeping or playing, the Pirate bed is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment and imaginative fun. It has been a real hit with Thomas and has become a beloved centerpiece of his bedroom, brightening up the space and bringing a sense of adventure and wonder to his daily routine.