Hi there, I'm Adrian and I'm a maker at heart. With a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Robert Gordon's University in Aberdeen, I've developed a strong foundation in engineering and design. Crafting is my passion and hobby, and I love exploring new ideas and techniques to bring my projects to life. Whether I'm tinkering in my workshop or sketching out new concepts, I'm always on the lookout for innovative ways to solve problems and bring my ideas to fruition.

I started Udny Designs in 2014 as a vent for my creative side.  I was in the garage, boiler suit on, welding mask raised, bashing a bit of metal when my neighbour popped her head in and quizzed me as to that I was building now. A Snow Plough for the front of the boys electric Jeep was my response. I had a plan to get the drive and paths cleared without manual labour. I explained the plan and showed my wooden prototype with an electrical linear actuator that would raise and lower the plough with the flick of a switch (see here for a video of the results) You should start a blog my neighbour said! You are always up to something. So here I am with my crazy projects.


I live in a small village of Udny Station (Hence Udny Designs) just north of Aberdeen in rural Scotland. I have an interest in projects of wood and metal, recycled materials, Sea glass, Electronics and anything really that I can make with.  Some of my creations I have been selling in small quantities through craft fairs and personal requests/commissions.



Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions about anything on my site please give me a shout at hello@udnydesigns.co.uk, I'd be chuffed to bits to hear from you.