What I have learnt working with MDF

Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) is a great material to make projects with.  It comes in smooth sheets of various thickness and sizes.

It is easy to work with with basic tools and relatively cheap.  When I started using it I learnt a number of things that make life easier.


Finishing edges

When cut the edges are high in fibre and diffcult to sand to a smooth surface.  I learn not to bother sanding edges straight away.  Apply a coat of MDF primer first and let it dry before sanding.  The MDF primer seals the edges and creates a harder (rougher at first) surface that can then be sanded later to a smooth surface


Joining edges with screws

To attach edges with screws I learnt to drill pilot holes to prevent the MDF from splitting and bulging.  One step further is to use MDF screws which are designed to prevent splitting and bulging of MDF.  Worked a treat on the Campervan and Pirate Beds


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