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Craftsman's Paradise: Why I'm Obsessed with Tools
07. September 2023
Tools are my constant companions in the world of craftsmanship. From my garage to my shed, house, and everyday carry, they save me time and money while enabling me to turn dreams into tangible achievements.

Crafting a Comprehensive House-Hold Toolkit: Essential Tools for Every Homeowner
27. July 2023
This blog post emphasizes the importance of a well-curated house-hold toolkit for homeowners, advocating for building a personalized set of high-quality tools. Following essential rules, we provide a hand-picked list of tools to confidently handle various tasks and repairs efficiently.

14. September 2016
My Shed is tiny, and is packed with all my tools. I actually have two workspaces. The Shed for woodworking and the garage for oily metalworking. I like to keep the two speperate.