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Finding Your Passion in Woodworking: Embrace the Challenge!
04. October 2023
In woodworking, as an amateur in a small space, choose projects that excite and challenge you, learn new techniques, and gradually raise complexity. Embrace space constraints as opportunities for creativity, and don't fear mistakes—they're lessons. Keep the passion alive through the journey of improvement.

The Joy of Pottering: Embracing the Art of Tinkering in Your Shed
08. June 2023
Discover the tranquility and satisfaction of pottering in your shed, where purposelessness becomes a source of joy, and simple tasks transform into moments of relaxation and creative expression.

14. September 2016
My Shed is tiny, and is packed with all my tools. I actually have two workspaces. The Shed for woodworking and the garage for oily metalworking. I like to keep the two speperate.