Finding Joy in Creating Wonky Watercolour Worlds: A Journey of Craft and Creativity

In the quiet corners of my craft space, surrounded by the scent of paint and the promise of creation, I find solace in the whimsical world of wonky houses. It’s a journey that begins with a simple sheet of 300gsm watercolour paper, a blank canvas for my imagination to dance upon. Let me take you through the delightful process of crafting these miniature marvels, each stroke a testament to the joy of creation.


I start by halving a sheet of A4 watercolour paper into two A5 sheets. There’s something satisfying about the symmetry of the process, dividing the space into smaller realms where my imagination can roam freely. With pencil in hand, I sketch out the bones of my vision, rough outlines that gradually take shape as wonky roofs and crooked chimneys.

As the lines solidify, I switch to a trusty black pen, tracing over my pencil marks with a steady hand. It’s here that the magic begins to unfold, as each stroke adds detail and character to my miniature world. I revel in the intricacies, adding tiny tiles to roofs, delicate frames to windows, and even the occasional car parked in a winding driveway.


But it’s not just about the lines; it’s about infusing life into these whimsical abodes. With a flick of my wrist, I erase any lingering pencil marks, leaving behind only the bold outlines of my creation. And then, with a flourish of color, I breathe life into my world.

My palette is humble, a limited set of watercolours that dance across the page in vibrant hues. I start with the sky, a cheerful blue that sets the tone for the entire scene. With gentle strokes, I create clouds that drift lazily across the horizon, casting shadows on the wonky rooftops below.


Next come the trees, their branches swaying in the breeze. I mix light yellows and greens, dabbing them onto the page with a delicate touch. Each stroke is a whisper of life, a testament to the beauty of nature captured in water and pigment.

And then, finally, the houses themselves. With careful precision, I fill in the details, layering colors until the scene comes alive before my eyes. But it’s not without its challenges; I’ve learned the hard way the importance of patience, of waiting for each layer to dry before adding the next.


Sometimes, my eagerness gets the best of me, and I find myself reaching for my pen too soon. But even in these moments of frustration, there is beauty to be found. I’ve discovered the magic of masking tape, a simple tool that creates crisp, clean lines and protects my paper from stray splashes of paint.


And so, with each stroke of the brush and each flick of the pen, I lose myself in the world of wonky houses. It’s a journey of discovery and delight, a chance to escape the chaos of the world and find peace in the simplicity of creation.

As I peel back the masking tape and reveal my finished masterpiece, I can’t help but smile. In these wonky houses, I’ve found not just a creative outlet, but a source of joy and tranquility. And for that, I am truly grateful.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of a little escape, why not join me in the world of wonky watercolours? Who knows what delights await just beyond the tip of your paintbrush.

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