The Joy of Being a Magpie: Why Collecting Things Can Be Good for Your Soul

As humans, we have a natural tendency to collect things that catch our eye or pique our interest.

Some people collect stamps, coins, or antiques, while others collect more unusual items like sea glass, bits of old iron, or classic car badges. If you're like me, you're a bit of a magpie, always on the lookout for interesting treasures to add to your collection.


One of my favorite things to collect is sea glass. Whenever I go to the beach, I can't help but scan the sand for bits of glass that have been smoothed and polished by the waves. There's something incredibly satisfying about finding a piece of sea glass that's just the right shape, color, or size. It's like discovering a little piece of hidden treasure.

But collecting sea glass is more than just a hobby for me. It's also a way to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and clear my mind. There's something about being by the ocean that's incredibly calming and centering. It's a chance to slow down and be present in the moment, to forget about all the worries and stresses of everyday life and just focus on the beauty of the world around me.


And that's where the meditative aspect of collecting comes in. When I'm out searching for sea glass, I'm not thinking about anything else. I'm not checking my phone, worrying about work, or replaying old conversations in my head. I'm completely immersed in the act of searching, letting my mind relax and wander as I explore the shoreline.


Of course, sea glass isn't the only thing I collect. I've also got a stash of old iron that I've picked up from disused railway tracks, and a box full of classic car badges and emblems that I've collected over the years. Each item has its own story and its own unique beauty, and each brings me a little bit of joy whenever I look at it.

So if you're feeling stressed, anxious, or just in need of a little bit of mental clarity, I highly recommend taking up a collecting hobby.


Whether it's sea glass, stamps, or something else entirely, the act of searching and finding can be incredibly therapeutic. It's a chance to connect with the world around you, to slow down and be present, and to discover the joy of hidden treasures.



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